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Rockport will already afresh arena in the New Year with New Year’s Rockport Eve, a fun anniversary with music and brawl at assorted venues about boondocks until the brawl drops at midnight in Dock Square.

Schrank Betonoptik 10id10 Kleiderschrank Jupiter 10 Cm Breit ...

Schrank Betonoptik 10id10 Kleiderschrank Jupiter 10 Cm Breit …

The accident runs from 6 p.m. to midnight, with six hours of connected ancestors brawl and 85 shows to accept from.

Rockport will already afresh arena in the New Year with New Year’s Rockport Eve, a fun anniversary with music and brawl at assorted venues about boondocks until the brawl drops at midnight in Dock Square.

The accident runs from 6 p.m. to midnight, with six hours of connected ancestors brawl and 85 shows to accept from, including clowns, cowboys, magicians, ventriloquists, dance, drama, puppets, and musicians including classical, pop, jazz, Dixieland, folk, country, actuality exhausted and bedrock and cycle and more.

Everyone needs a NYRE button to get into the events. They amount $15 for adults, $6 for ages 4-12, and chargeless for age 3 and under. They are awash the day of the accident at the Spiran Hall address at the bend of Broadway and School Artery starting at noon, or in beforehand at the afterward locations: Rockport – John Tarr Store and Toad Hall Bookstore on Main Street; Smith Hardware & Lumber at the Lumber Desk, 3 Station Square; Gloucester – Cape Ann Alcove of Commerce, Commercial Street, and House of Raven and Gloucester Music, both on Main Street.

On-street parking is chargeless for the evening, with no meters.

For added information, appointment newyearsrockporteve.com


Spiran Hall Downstairs.

6-11:30 p.m.: COFFEE HOUSE – Hot dogs, mollusk chowder, wally’s chili, pulled pork sliders, snacks, popcorn, soda, coffee, tea & hot amber for sale

6-9 p.m.: CLOWNS, face painting and airship making

6-11:30 p.m.: PSYCHICS, Tarot, Stone & Accomplished Life and Medium Readings


Dock Square, 7-10 p.m.

Gloucester Area Astronomy Club will accept telescopes set up, acclimate permitting, to appearance the moon, Jupiter and more. There will be NASA educational activities and handouts for all ages; apprentice to apprehend a sky map, and altered types of telescopes.

1. Association House Downstairs 6-6:45, 7-7:45 & 8-8:45 p.m.

ROUND THE WORLD PUPPET SHOWS, Dora Tevin, Ethnic Arts Center

Three ancestors shows for children: “The Carrot Seed,” a singing adventure about a baby boy’s acceptance in growing his seed; “Lasse, My Thrall!” a Swedish fairytale; and “One Wish” from County Mayo, Ireland.

1. Association House Upstairs 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 p.m.

JAH SPIRIT reggae band

Since 1984, Jah Spirit’s music has beatific a bulletin of accord and abandon while adulatory amusing alertness and absoluteness amid all peoples. Beneath the activating administration of writer, composer, accompanist Ras Michael I, the accumulation blends an African-Reggae exhausted with elements of calypso jazz, dejection and rock.

2. Methodist Church 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 p.m.


“Daisy Nell”, built-in of Essex, brings New England’s amphibian history animate through acceptable and abreast songs of the sea. A accustomed articulation on the North Shore music scene, she is accepted for her ample repertoire of acceptable folk, chanteys, and abreast songs. Her husband, “Capt. Stan”, adds his guitar to Daisy’s banjo and guitar. Their bandage Crabgrass adds the talents of Pat Conlon on mandolin and Jack Schwartz on bass.

2. Methodist Church 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 p.m.

TOM EATON & PICK 3 – Bluegrass, country, blues, country music

Pick 3 is a accumulation of acoustic “pickers” and singers, all with a affection for American roots music. They comedy a active mix of bluegrass, country, dejection and Celtic music. Delivering accomplished acrimonious accumulated with able vocals, they braid through a assorted and absorbing affairs administration a 18-carat warmth, enthusiasm, and sensitivity. Associates are Tom Eaton (guitar & vocals), Pat Conlon (mandolin, harmonica, & vocals) and Ken Steiner (bass).

2. Methodist Church 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 p.m.

BACKWOODS RAMBLERS – Folk, rock, country, bluegrass

The Backwoods Ramblers are a accumulation of multi-talented musicians featuring advance and accord vocals with guitar, mandolin, banjo, and harmonica in a memorable alloy of folk-rock, country, and bluegrass. Associates are Barry Michaud, vocalist/guitarist; Jack Schwartz, banjo, vocals, and electric bass; and Pat Conlon, mandolin, harmonica, & vocals.

3. Fire Station Upstairs 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 p.m.

LORELEI RUBEN – Marionette puppeteer

New appearance includes a avoid in “Henry’s Awful Mistake!” additional a Danny Kay poem, harmonica music, and surprises. All ages.

Schrank Weiss. Stunning Odette Trg Kiefer Gewachst With ...

Schrank Weiss. Stunning Odette Trg Kiefer Gewachst With …

3. Fire Station Upstairs 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 p.m.

THE DORYMATES with NICK HILLIARD – Celtic music and songs of the sea

The Dorymates, Tony Hilliard and Janet Ruth Young, are a bedmate and wife singer/songwriter aggregation specializing in Celtic music and songs of the sea. Tony, an EMT and retired badge officer, has been featured on TV as the Singing Sergeant of the Rockport Badge Department.

The son of Tony Hilliard and Kathleen Hilliard, Nick frequently performs as a duo with his ancestor and has been a summertime busker on Bearskin Neck.

3. Fire Station Upstairs 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 p.m.

THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND – Chanteys/sea music

Three Sheets to the Wind is a chantey and sea music accumulation out of Gloucester. The singers and players include: Peter Souza, Audi Souza, Tim Perkins, George Thompson, Alex Thompson, Liz Duff, Gardi Winchester, Barry O’Brien, Martha Bowen, Leslie Wind, Tony Hilliard, Janet Young, Chris Leghorn, Chuck Sheffreen, Steve Willard, Ray Spiecker, Judy Keith, Marty Stock, Ernie Pigeon, Pamela Owen and abounding others.

4. Unitarian Universalist Church 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 p.m.

NATHAN COHEN & ANTHONY LEVA – Multi-instrumental set of folk, blues, pop, fiddle, and all-embracing music

Nathan Cohen is the orchestra and alcove music administrator in the Rockport Schools. He is a multi-instrumentalist with accurate focus on violin and trumpet. Anthony Leva is an educator, improvisor, assistant and performer.

4. Unitarian Universalist Church 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 p.m.

MICHAEL O’LEARY AND FRIENDS – acceptable Celtic music

Michael O’Leary, a acceptable accompanist of Irish, Scottish and English songs and ballads, is abutting by accompany Carol McIntyre (harp) and Larry Adolescent (fiddle).

4. Unitarian Universalist Church 10-10:45 p.m.


The Rockport Unitarian Universalist Church will authority its 15th New Year’s Eve Accord Service. There will be music, readings and meditation.

5. St. Mary’s Episcopal Church 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 P.M.

PUPPETEER AMY SEABROOK – Adventures with Amy Puppets

See what happens back Isabella makes a huge meal of sweets! This appearance is one of several shows you’ll see back Amy and her admired puppets, Bluey, Mouse Princess, et al, booty to the stage.

5. St. Mary’s Episcopal Church 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 p.m.

CHICK & ELLEN – Oldtimey & Newfangled Country Dejection & Folksy Swing

Chick & Ellen are a affiliated brace who accomplish consistently as an acoustic duo in and about Cape Ann. Their repertoire is an admixture of acoustic styles, including acceptable & abreast folk music; basin & ragtime blues; archetypal & old-time country; and, of course, sea songs.

5. St. Mary’s Episcopal Church 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 p.m.

PETER WARD & AMARILLO – Tribute to Country Western and Western Swing

Peter Ward & Amarillo accomplish archetypal country western music for fun and dancing. Robert Martino on drums, Michael Grover on bass and Chris Brooks on pedal steel.

6. Library-Peggy Brenner Room 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 p.m.

BUMBLY & ABBESS PHINN – Medieval, Renaissance adventure tellers

Traditional belief and songs for both adolescent and old with Bumbly Phinn and his wife, Abbess Phinn, who are bright Medieval, Renaissance appearance characters who acquaint belief in chat and song.

6. Library-Peggy Brenner Room 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 P.M.


Lorraine and Bennett Hammond comedy and sing in absolute complement: aggregate their instruments with able skill, they actualize a new articulation for music that ranges in appearance from classical through Celtic, dejection and contemporary. The Hammonds are folk missionaries of the aboriginal order, adherent cultural activists, teachers, accident organizers, and performers who adulation to acquaint bodies to the joys of acceptable music.

6. Library-Peggy Brenner Room 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 p.m.

m&h Schwebetürenschrank Jupiter

m&h Schwebetürenschrank Jupiter

WILL HUNT, JANICE FULLMAN AND FRIENDS, Formerly The Terrestrials – Abreast Folk, Pop, Bedrock Gems, Rhythm & Dejection & Originals

Janice Fullman and Will Hunt accompany their bound harmonies and all-embracing repertoire of originals, rock, folk, R&B classics, and abandoned gems to New Year’s Rockport Eve, assuming on acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, sax, and flute.

7. Spiran Hall Upstairs 6-6:45, 7-7:45 p.m.

IRISH STEP DANCERS from Bremmer School of Irish Dance

Sheile Bremer is the architect and administrator of Rince Cois Fharraige in Salem back 1992, a T.C.R.G. (registered abecedary of Irish Brawl with An Coimisiun, Dublin, Ireland).

7. Spiran Hall Upstairs 9-9:45, 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 p.m.

‘60s INVASION – 60s Bedrock ‘n’ Cycle Band

‘60s Invasion is a appearance bandage featuring music of the 1960s with tributes to Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan or Roy Orbison in costume. The bandage may additionally accomplish 10-15 minute segments on TV of the Sixties, and the History of Rock.

8. Baptist Church 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 P.M.


The Fabulous Bullock Brothers is a actuality accumulation of brothers, fathers and sons, led by the Rev. George Bullock. They formed in 1950 and abide a Actuality singing attitude anesthetized on to them from their father, accepted as “Singing Walter”, as he catholic the Revival Circle in their home accessory of North Carolina. The accumulation combines acceptable and abreast actuality music, which celebrates Christianity.

8. Baptist Church 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 P.M.

THE JOLLY ROGUES – Seafaring Songs

This bandage of musicians and singers has a varied, arresting repertoire of 18th and 19th Century actual from aeon commemorative, tavern/drinking, adventurous ballads, sea shanties, children’s ditties, songs of revolt. Included amid the songs are those which allure alert (instrumentals), acclamation and bottom borer or singing forth with a abandoned or harmonic melody. Others may adjure a blue mood.

8. Baptist Church 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 P.M.

St-mbandet – The Scandinavian Articulate Ensemble

Founded in 1978, St-mbandet is 13 singers from Scandinavia with a acceptability for arete both as an a cappella ensemble and a Apple Music articulate group. Presenting songs rarely heard alfresco of Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, this articulate bandage generally break into six- and seven- allotment harmonies articulate in six languages. Led by Allen LeVines, agreeable administrator back 1985, St-mbandet performs a advanced ambit of a cappella folk traditions different to Scandinavia, including “trall” – singers assuming fiddlers arena brawl music – a convenance that has been compared to scat singing.

9. Scout Hall 6-6:45, 7-7:45, 8-8:45, 9-9:45, 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 p.m.

THE HOT TUB PIRANHAS with Wes Thibodeau and FUN BUCKET with Greg Dann

These two bands will be alternating sets and there will be an break area bandage associates are activity to mix it up and comedy with anniversary other’s band.

The Hot Tub Piranhas is an all-embracing ability bedrock quartet that plays a arrangement of avant-garde rock, archetypal rock, rockin’ dejection and alike a blow of funk. Associates are John Donlon, Roy Turner and Peter Malaquias.

Wes Thibodeau has been assuming off and on for the accomplished 35 years. Funbucket is a ability leash that plays archetypal hits from the aftermost four decades. Associates accommodate Steve Caraway – Bass/VOX Mike (Mr. Bogus) McMahon – Guitar/VOX Greg Dann – Drums/VOX

10. Old Firehouse Trust Building 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 P.M.


Jenny the Juggler is Boston’s alone changeable able juggler back 1997.

10. Old Firehouse Trust Building, 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 p.m.


Eddie Gardner has an immense account of abracadabra tricks, and additionally guarantees laughter. Appropriate for adults as able-bodied as children.

10. Old Firehouse Trust Building, 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 p.m.


Ring in 2014 with the adventurous bifold bill of Rockport’s own sax and clarinet boyhood phenom Alek Razdan and Gloucester’s Willie “Loco” Alexander, the acclaimed asperse of jailbait rock. Abutting by Rik Razdan on sax, Dave “Doc” Vincent on drums, Dan Whalen on guitar, and Ken Demaine on bass, they’ll aftermath two sets of toe-tapping, hair-raising, hip-shaking music affirmed to get you up on your anxiety and dancing appropriate on into the New Year!

11. Fish Shack Restaurant 6-6:45, 7-7:45, 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 p.m.

Schrank Sandeiche Kleiderschrank Jupiter Schrank ...

Schrank Sandeiche Kleiderschrank Jupiter Schrank …

DRUM JAM & PARADE – Jon Holland & Dragon Company

The Drum Jam & Array is for kids and adults of all ages. No acquaintance required. The accumulation will accompany a bright arrangement of drums and bang instruments as able-bodied as a ample blooming dancing dragon. Join the New Year’s Anniversary in a array bottomward the artery with Dragon Company. Public is acceptable but not appropriate to accompany your own instruments and costumes.

12. Rockport Art Association 6-6:45, 7-7:45 & 8-8:45P.M.

WILDEST DREAMS – Afro Pop – Reggae – Calypso – Blue Soul

Wildest Dreams associates barrage from Caribbean, South America, Japan and the US, affiliation their assorted music and cultural adventures into a dynamically alpha sound. The accumulation has created an exciting, apple exhausted appearance featuring able vocals, catching rhythms and a bulletin of accord that blends elements of Afro-pop, reggae, calypso and blue soul. Fronted by the active vocals of Alice Johnson.

13. Shalin Liu Achievement Center 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 p.m.


The Cape Ann Big Bandage will bless the abutting of its Third Season with a bifold performance. The repertoire appearance articulate and active standards from the Golden era of swing, pop tunes, and a cardinal of show-tunes acquired from accepted films. Associates include: Saxophones; Mike Lentini, Nick Capello, Ed Biggs, Steve Silva, Carlos Menezes Jr., Trumpets: Shawn Lowe, Arthur Adamson, Rick Naso, John Pearson, Trombones; Paula Burns, Tom Madore, Dana Cohen, Tim Klopotoski, Drums; Rick Geraghty, Piano; Chris Bodek, Bass; Thaddeus Merritt, Joe Cardoza, Guitar; Christian Towler.

13. Shalin Liu Achievement Center 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 p.m.

OVERBOARD – a cappella group

Overboard is a pop/rock a cappella accumulation based in Boston. Back its inception, the bandage has been featured for the brand of American Idol, PUMA and Mitsubishi, as able-bodied as on The CBS Early Show. Overboard’s active alive show, six albums and “Free Track Tuesday” distinct of the anniversary affairs accept bent the absorption of the all-around a cappella community, as able-bodied as Boston’s acute bounded music scene.

13. Shalin Liu Achievement Center 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 p.m..

HENRI SMITH New Orleans Accompany & Flavours – New Orleans Jazz, Dejection & Cajun flavored music

Henri Smith was built-in and aloft in New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. His career started in his hometown area he able his adult and affecting articulate delivery. Hurricane Katrina wiped out his home in New Orleans and he concluded up affective to Cape Ann area he now lives and shares his ancestry with the affectionate bodies of New England. Henri’s bandage consists of Henri Smith on vocals, Amadee Castinell on saxophone, Ben on piano, John Loud on drums, Tucker Lindquist on harmonica, Nick White on bass, and Steve Shwartz on clarinet.

14. Congregational Church 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 p.m.

SORELLANZA – Women’s A Cappella Group

Sorellanza, the 14-member women’s a cappella group, is based in Gloucester and Rockport. Directed by Rockport resident, Patti Pike, Sorellanza was formed in 2006 and continues to draw agog audiences. The affairs ranges from Renaissance to Broadway, angelic songs, rounds, traditional, contemporary, Beatles and jazz. Sorellanza Associates are: Patti Pike, Andrea Coates-Vinson, Peggy Duff, Jen Fuller, Nancy Goodman, Karen Koerth, Ruth Maassen, Bernadette Orr, Donna Prezzano, Inga Soderberg-King, Lee Steele, Kate Stevens & Susan Taormina with High School Seniors Danielle Pool and Christina Giambanco.

14. Congregational Church 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 P.M.

HONKY-TONK WOMEN OF GLOUCESTER – Doo Wop 50s & 60s Archetypal Hits

Caroline Haines, Barbara Jansson, Sheila Schrank and Elaine Persons booty the date to actualize a four allotment accord alone heard in the 50’s and 60’s eras back “girl groups” like the Ronnettes, the Supremes, the Crystals, and the Shirelles captured Motown. Fingerstyle guitarist, Sheila Schrank will accompany the group.

14. Congregational Church 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 P.M.

BAGPIPES & DRUMS – Associates of the Stuart Highlanders Pipe Band

Featuring piper Matthew Phelps and bagman John Whittaker.

15. Congregational Church Hall 6-6:45 p.m.

JAMES & JAKE with appropriate bedfellow Dan Gantt

James & Jake are an American rock/pop duo from the North Shore featuring James Vassallo (born March 1998) and Jake Stavros (born December 1997). The two met at age 14, and can generally be heard in the Pingree School (S. Hamilton, MA) hallways during chargeless periods. They were apparent and developed in 2013 by songwriter/producer Brad Byrd.

15. Congregational Church Hall 7-7:45, 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 p.m.


The Cape Ann Applesauce Band, beneath the administration of bounded citizen Don Thrasher has been with New Year’s Rockport Eve back the beginning. The accumulation plays applesauce and Dixieland, and thoroughly enjoys playing, and loves it back the admirers dances to its music.

15. Congregational Church Hall 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 P.M.

STREET MAGIC – Macho a cappella Accumulation – 50s & 60s Doo Wop

Street Abracadabra is a macho articulate quintet that performs a cappella style, after agreeable accompaniment. The majority of their actual consists of 50s & 60s covers offered in a abreast agreeable style.

Schrank 10 Turig. Elegant Poco Turig Jupiter Rauch With ...

Schrank 10 Turig. Elegant Poco Turig Jupiter Rauch With …


Watch the brawl bead & calculation bottomward the aftermost few abnormal of 2013 in Dock Square. Join in as anybody sings Auld Lang Syne.

Schrank Jupiter – schrank jupiter

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SIT Schrank »Jupiter« aus recyceltem Altholz, Höhe 180 cm …

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Schrank Jupiter - Schrank

Schrank Jupiter – Schrank

Solar system shirt | 10-10 AW kidswear | Mens tops, Kids ...

Solar system shirt | 10-10 AW kidswear | Mens tops, Kids …

Roller Schrank Celle

Roller Schrank Celle

35 Minimaliste Tv Bank Tiefe 60 Cm | AHHADESIGNS

35 Minimaliste Tv Bank Tiefe 60 Cm | AHHADESIGNS

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