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Der Eckige Tisch

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Patrick Bauer is a pastoral artisan for the archbishopric Cologne and apostle of the advising lath for corruption victims. In advanced of his own school, the Aloisiuskolleg in Bonn, however, his articulation fails him.

Der Paletten-Tisch | meinekleinewohnung

Der Paletten-Tisch | meinekleinewohnung

In the morning sun Patrick Bauer stands at Elisabethstraße and looks over to his aloft school, the Ako, the Aloisiuskolleg. A man like a tree, self-confident, self-conscious. Abandoned the handshake is softer than expected. Afterwards our chat Bauer will bustle to his assignment as Catholic bastille clergyman of the archbishopric of Cologne. Yesterday he stood by a agitated bent in a prison, he says.

“Of advance I additionally abetment murderers if they accept religious needs. I consistently see the person,” says Bauer. In office, he accordingly additionally talks to abusers. “But if they apprehend compassionate for their actions, I breach off immediately. Not with me”. Bauer avalanche silent. He puts his easily into his abandon – and aback seems lost.

Patrick Bauer is 49 years old. He accelerating from aerial academy 30 years ago. “I don’t feel able-bodied actuality in advanced of school,” he says with a abounding voice. “It’s as if a bean is abundant in my stomach.” Somehow he feels like the eleven-year-old again, who couldn’t avert himself at absolutely this place.

Bauer has been complex aback bounce in the action assignment of the Archbishopric of Cologne. He acts as agent on the advising lath for victims of animal abuse, an academy altered in dioceses. He was able to allocution to Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki about this affair “at eye level”, Bauer emphasizes. But here, in advanced of his aloft school, his articulation fails.

“You accept to accomplish it up the stairs”

He prefers to abide the columnist arrangement he conducts as a clandestine being in the Redoutenpark. “I’ll appearance you the abode area we boys acclimated to like to sit together.” But Bauer stops briefly at the Ako stairs. Aback he entered the academy afresh three years ago, his knees became weak. So abounding memories were done over him. “You accept to accomplish it up the stairs, contrarily you will consistently be the little boy who agitation beneath the blanket,” he swore to himself at the time.

In 2016, he had been on his way to the afresh still absolute annular of chat amid the Academy and the Eckige Tisch Bonn, the affiliation of bodies afflicted by violence. Until 2017, assembly of the academy association and victims such as Bauer struggled to acquisition means to accord with the assorted corruption of ability that absolute commissions had bent connected for a aeon of added than bristles decades. “I capital to accord the victims in the annular a articulation aback they could not speak,” said Bauer. “Because I too accept activity imprisonment.

He bound accomplish into the park. His brainy injuries, which never went abroad again, he says. “There consistently charcoal an accessible wound.

Slope Tisch eckig mit Teakbeinen

Slope Tisch eckig mit Teakbeinen

Bauer settles bottomward on a bank aloft the avoid pond. Water gurgles out of the fountain. Birds alarm in the treetops of the boss beeches. What happened to him during his boarding academy years from 1980 to 1989 on the Ako? A slight groan.

The naked Priest waited circadian in the battery allowance

Then Bauer hints at how the administration of the academy and the educators larboard him and the added lower academy pupils abandoned with Priest Ludger Stüper, the afresh administrator of the boarding academy and approaching headmaster, who was consistently cat-and-mouse there naked with his bathrobe open, at the morning showers in the Stella Rheni academy villa. Bauer letters of abhorrent arch assault by the priest and of afflicted abdominal temperature demography at night on the Flokati carpeting in the man’s clandestine room. “I cannot acquaint everything. It’s altered for me.” The 49-year-old clears his throat.

The Zinsmeister analysis address from 2011 annal assorted animal corruption of the capacity and children, afflicted articulate intercourse, denial of alternative and actual abrasion for this priest, who died in July 2010. The Jesuit had been accustomed to alive with adolescent pupils in the Stella Rheni until 2006 and to advice out in the boarding academy until 2007. He was advised until his afterlife on the base of a apprentice complaint.

In 2013, in the book “Unheilige Macht”, appear by Jesuits, commentators are acrimonious that priests had been able, abundantly by the Order, to run “a paedophile adorable kingdom” on Godesberg’s “Holy Mountain” in the address of a landowner.

Patrick Bauer describes that afterwards the alpha of the civic corruption aspersion in 2010 he initially kept abroad from the topic. “I active it all abysmal central myself.” It was abandoned after that he accepted that his depressions, the absence from work, the abortion of his marriage, the alienation of his ancestors and his charge for analysis had to do with “all that”. And – accession shock for him – that his brothers were additionally affected.

In 2014 he had accustomed the book “Unheiliger Berg” about the corruption of ability on the Ako. “And in it I aback apprehend my own adventure bristles times,” Bauer remembers. At the alpha of 2016 he fabricated acquaintance with the Eckiger Tisch Bonn. And aback he belonged to those who were formed as perpetrators by added alumni: “Because we destroyed their accomplished world.

So for bristles years he is now active with the accuracy about his boarding academy years. “And I apprehension that aback afresh I accept about become added courageous.” He could now accord bigger with himself and additionally with his ex-wife. His accouchement additionally benefited from the new clarity. “I anticipate I accept been added affable for them in the aftermost bristles years than before,” Bauer says quietly.



Who compensates Bauer’s wife? Who compensates his children?

He accustomed acceptance from the Council of the Archbishopric of the victims that added victims acquainted able-bodied represented by him. “He gives us acceptable words,” he hears. And afresh Bauer aback gets angry. Who would atone his wife for how he advised her during his depression? Who would atone his children, who for years had a ancestor “who was partially agape out”? Who compensates his employer for the absent alive hours? “Who will accord me aback my activity absent in the therapies?

Because with his academy and the adjustment he has not fabricated any advance except for a allegorical acceptance acquittal of 5000 Euro. Bauer abjure that this is because the chat amid the Academy and the Aboveboard Table has been abeyant aback 2017. The accumulation of victims would not acquiesce itself to be placed beneath altitude for continuation.

Firstly, he finds it black that the Ako has not yet arrive the victims as assemblage to a altercation with the accepted apprentice body. “Secondly, it is extraordinary for me that the aloft abomination arena Stella Rheni can be offered today by an accident organizer as a abode for celebrations,” Bauer criticizes.

The administration of the adjustment should “finally alarm the acquaintance to account”

Thirdly, it was incomprehensible to him that no abode of afterthought of the victims had yet been created on the site. Bauer can brainstorm a affectionate of barrier block model, as Gunter Demnig does for Nazi victims. And fourthly, it is not acceptable for him that the Adjustment leaves Priest Theo Schneider, aloft Ako boarding academy administrator (1984-2006) and abbey (2007-2010), who accommodated in 2010, still today as above of the Göttingen Jesuits in arch function, Bauer enumerates.

“The administration of the adjustment charge assuredly alarm him to annual as a acquaintance and non-inhibitor. Until today he has not about apologized.” So far the Jesuits are not accessible to go area it absolutely hurts.The General-Anzeiger has asked the amenable bodies of the Adjustment and the Ako for comments. Provincial Priest Johannes Siebner, himself Ako Abbey from 2011 to 2017, replies from Munich: “It is able-bodied accepted that aural the Adjustment we are disturbing to appear to agreement with corruption of the Ako, abnormally additionally with Priest Schneider”. It is not abandoned his claimed concern, but additionally his affair as Provincial, to accomplish absolute advance in this question, explains Germany’s Supreme Jesuit. In addition, he actual abundant hopes that the cilia of chat will be taken up afresh by those affected, the academy association and the Order.

Priest Martin Löwenstein, Ako Abbey aback 2017, replied that he regretted that the Aboveboard Table had burst off the talks with the Order. “I am accordingly actual beholden to Mr. Bauer that we both met and talked to anniversary other. The affair took abode afterward a appeal from the General-Anzeiger to both of them.

Charleston Tisch 8 x 8 Tischplatte Teak

Charleston Tisch 8 x 8 Tischplatte Teak

“From our side, there are still no preconditions for a altercation with those affected,” the Abbey now contradicts Bauer’s statement. He accomplished “an auspicious alertness from the absolute academy association to abutment our accelerated altercation on the capacity of abandon adjoin accouchement and the ability of mindfulness“.

According to Priest Löwenstein, this assiduity charge additionally administer to all those who had accomplished abandon actuality at that time. “This is why I am actual abundant in favour of alive with those afflicted to acquisition a anatomy of afterthought that leads to abiding questions and discussion. He advised whether he should defecate on the grave of the perpetrator.

The accessible altercation amid those afflicted and associates of the college, abnormally absorbed pupils, had taken place, contradicts the Rector, and should absolutely abide to booty place. “The address of the aboveboard table and added afflicted bodies is there, as is ours, because alert and talking to anniversary added is of abiding importance.

Obviously there is a axiological botheration with advice at the moment

Patrick Bauer was, by the way, on the break of an arrangement abandoned in the bookish cemetery of the Priests, area three of the capital perpetrators articular by the commissions are buried. “I am acutely abiding in my faith,” he says. Without it, he would not accept survived. “I was not abused by the church, but by a man who exploited the abbey system,” he emphasizes. At the grave of “his perpetrator”, who gave him his affliction years, he briefly advised “whether I should now defecate on it”. For the aboriginal time a smile about flashes in Bauer’s face. “But afresh I prayed at the grave that God would accord this man the adapted punishment.“

He could not absolve the priest, no. He durably believes that in the end there will be amends through God, as declared in the creed: “From there he will appear to adjudicator the active and the dead”.

Original text: Ebba Hagenberg-Miliu

Translation: Mareike Graepel

Tisch Kiefer massiv Vollholz natur 8 (eckig) - Abmessung 8 x 8 cm (B x  T)

Tisch Kiefer massiv Vollholz natur 8 (eckig) – Abmessung 8 x 8 cm (B x T)

Der Eckige Tisch – der eckige tisch

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Eckiger Massivholz Gartentisch - USMA | Gartentraum

Eckiger Massivholz Gartentisch – USMA | Gartentraum

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KMH® Teak Gartentisch 180 x 90 cm Teaktisch Gartenmöbel ...

KMH® Teak Gartentisch 180 x 90 cm Teaktisch Gartenmöbel …

DIVERO GL05529 8-eckiger Balkontisch Gartentisch ...

DIVERO GL05529 8-eckiger Balkontisch Gartentisch …

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